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Published on: January 26, 2011 |

Banjo the Birman is TOO FAT!! By: YourWebMom
Banjo the Birman Cat is TOO FAT!
Banjo the Birman Cat is TOO FAT! Fortunately, it worked to his disadvantage today.
He made a run for it out the garage door, with YWM right behind; he tried to dive through the picket fence openings to get to the back yard and freedom, but he got stuck (twice), allowing YWM time to grab him and muscle him back inside. He weighs 14 pounds! Whew! Narrow escape.  Is YWM’s life EXCITING or what??
(Now he's sitting in the middle of the room, glaring at YWM.)
By: mortonpixie

Poor Banjo!  Hooray for YWM!!  yes